Imation has announced an industry first: the generation of multi-terabyte native-capacity tape using advanced metal particulate (MP) media and employing the company’s proprietary TeraAngstrom technology. Imation is also the first and only company to date to license the next-generation of Ultrium LTO-5 tape media.

“Imation is excited to announce this important industry milestone – the achievement of multiple terabytes of native capacity on a single MP tape cartridge,” says Subodh Kulkarni, vice-president of Imation’s research, development & engineering, and head of the company’s global commercial business.
“Metal particulate media is a proven standard in data storage, and with MP-based LTO-5, we will be almost doubling the capacity of the cartridges. Further, LTO-5 tape technology offers a cost-efficient way for businesses to store ever-expanding data, whether for long-term archival or regular backup of active data, given tape’s energy savings and a cost per gigabyte advantages over other methods.
“Imation is leveraging its long-standing heritage in reliable, secure and durable data storage products and expertise in metal particulate media to ensure that this latest generation of LTO media exceeds standards for data protection and delivers the most data in a single, multi-terabyte data cartridge. We are very pleased to be the first manufacturer licensed for LTO-5,” he explains.
Featuring 3.2 TB of compressed storage and data transfer rates of up to 360Mbps, LTO-5 tape cartridges offer significant improvements over prior tape generations. Enhancements in servo technology and improved data compression ensure the same length of tape can store more information, allowing data center managers to keep their existing footprints without adding space to accommodate the growth in primary storage.
Imation uses its state-of-the-art TeraAngstrom technology to create magnetic media with a significantly smoother surface and a high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), delivering reduced errors and faster transfer rates. Imation’s TeraAngstrom technology is the advanced MP formulation and manufacturing process used to produce ultra-high capacity storage media at Imation’s Research &Development facility and in its manufacturing facility, the only facility in the world built specifically for terabyte-class tape coating.
Licensed by the LTO Technology Provider Companies (TPCs) of Hewlett Packard, IBM and Quantum, Imation expects to launch LTO-5 tape cartridges in early 2010, offering significantly faster performance, almost double the capacity of existing LTO-4 cartridges, and improved encryption capabilities for effective backup, restore and archival of critical data.