Information and records management company Metrofile has opened the doors of Metrofie Nigeria.

The company, which was formally registered in July, will be used to establish a full records management facility that will offer a similar range of service to those received by Metrofile’s South African customers.
In line with Metrofile’s strategy to expand its African operation in partnership with local companies, agreement has been reached with Lagos based Golden Sceptre to acquire a 40% stake in the company. Golden Sceptre, a filing services company with a strong foothold in the country’s financial and corporate sector, will take on responsibility for the day to day management of the Nigerian operation.
Graham Wackrill, CEO of Metrofile, says: “We have been very clear about our intention to grow the business throughout the continent, and the setup of the Nigerian business is major step in this expansion strategy. The potential in Nigeria is significant and the operation could in time account for as much as 20% of our business.
"However, establishing a business there is not without its difficulties. I am therefore pleased that we have reached a formal understanding with Golden Sceptre, a company that is well known and respected in the community.”
The new operation, which should open for business within the next few months, is being established on the back of demand from companies based in the area that also have operations in South Africa and which currently make use of Metrofile’s services. These are in the main leading international financial institutions, many of which already make use of the services provided by Golden Sceptre.
“Our experience in Mozambique has taught us a lot about trading in Africa,” says Wackrill. “I am in no doubt that with this experience and the combination of Golden Sceptre’s knowledge of the local market and our expertise in the records management field, that we have a winning combination that will see us make a success of Nigeria.”
The Metrofile Nigeria operation will mirror that of the local company, providing the full range of services and offerings in the records management, image processing, backup management, information solutions, and paper management arenas.