Mobile communications is a growing market, with the number of data cards being used expected to quadruple by 2011. Much of this growth is expected to come from the business market rather than individuals.

Neotel's new NeoGo data card is now available to business users. With up to 50% more data within the bundle and an out of bundle rate of 8 cents per MB, the NeoGo data card is more cost-effective than current offerings in the market.
The NeoGo data card operates on CDMA Rev-A (download speeds up to 3.1 Mbps and upload speeds up to 1.8 Mbps) and it compares favourably with HSDPA connections.
Mukul Sharma, head of consumer and channel sales at Neotel, says mobility has become the norm in the South African workforce and Neotel is committed to remain the engine behind data growth in South Africa.
“The NeoGo Data card with its large data bundle at a competitive price is just what the mobile business user needs and we don’t hide our out of bundle rate which at 8 cents per MB redefines market pricing for data cards as we are there to enable business rather than inhibit it,” he comments.
NeoGo has two purchase options: to purchase the data card over a 24-month period with a monthly service fee of R299.00; or to purchase it upfront for R1 499.00, with a monthly service fee of R239.00.
Both purchase options include 1.5GB of in-bundle data, a NeoMail Basic account, SMS capability and high-speed data.