ER24, an emergency assistance company specialising in the pre-hospital emergency services, has replaced its core infrastructure – the telephony platform for its 24-hour national emergency contact centre – with a R2-million Avaya solution from Spescom DataFusion.

Elaine Boardman, contact centre manager at ER24, comments: "ER24's primary value proposition is its capability to ensure the efficient and timeous dispatch of emergency service vehicles where and when they are needed, and to give expert medical advice.
"Fast response times and being able to record all the calls we receive are critical components of our service. They ensure we meet our service promise to clients and that we can verify that the correct procedures were followed when a client needs information regarding a call, as well as provide them with physical recordings of the interaction.
"With a significant volume of calls being handled by the call centre, integration of the telephony and recording system is thus critical to enable us to search for, quickly identify and access recordings. The challenge we faced, however, was that our existing telephony system was not flexible enough, was limited in terms of its ability to integrate with our recording systems and did not provide the sophisticated reporting functionality we required.
"To optimise contact centre efficiencies, improve performance and be able to give our clients accurate operational stats and management reports containing basic statistics such as accurate call-answer times and 'time to resolution' of calls, we needed to put the right information systems and processes in place," Boardman says. "And with the renewal of a strategic contract close at hand – an emergency response contact service for a cellular network's subscribers – and contractual obligations to meet, we needed to act fast."
Spescom DataFusion was approached and within a week the two companies had defined a suitable solution. Planning commenced, with ER24 deciding to first go live with its own 084 124 Contact Centre, then the new 112 Centre. Within three weeks the stage was set: a deployment plan which detailed the roll-out – i.e., the scope of work, customer and Spescom requirements, risks, project resources, project schedule, training requirements, operational impact, dependencies and roles and responsibilities — was accepted and approved by ER24.
What followed in the next 72 hours was the installation and commissioning of a new Avaya telephony platform, the upgrade and tight integration of Spescom DataVoice recorders to the system, the creation and deployment of the necessary management reports, and training of staff.
Due to the success of the 084 124 implementation, the new 112 centre was enabled on the new platform ahead of schedule.