Apple's new operating system, Snow Leopard, will be available from this Friday at a cost of $29.00.

The company has aimed to make the new operating system easier to use, simpler and faster than before.
For instance, the Finder has been rewritten in Cocoa to take advantage of all the modern technologies in Mac OS X, including 64-bit support and Grand Central Dispatch, making it more responsive.
Exposé has been refined and is more convenient, being integrated in the Dock. It's also got a new look, with windows displayed in an organised grid.
Introduced in Mac OS X Leopard, the Time Machine made backing up your hard drive easy. Time Capsule took backup even further with its wireless hard drive, and now Snow Leopard makes Time Machine up to 80% faster.
With Snow Leopard, a Mac wakes from sleep up to twice as quickly when it has screen locking enabled. And shutting down is up to 80% faster.
Upgrading is up to 50% faster, but more comprehensive and reliable. For example, Snow Leopard checks yur applications to make sure they’re compatible and sets aside any programs known to be incompatible. In case a power outage interrupts an installation, it can start again without losing any data.
The new operating system has also got a smaller footprint, taking up less than half the disk space of the previous version, freeing about 7Gb.
QuickTime X includes a new QuickTime Player application with a clean, uncluttered design, a new trimming interface, and easy uploads to YouTube and MobileMe.
Having a video chat using iChat is more reliable and more accessible in Snow Leopard. It includes technology to address many common router incompatibilities that can interfere with connections.