Web Africa will begin testing its own tier 1 ADSL network within the next 30 days and is inviting users with an ADSL line and router to sign up for a free 10GB bandwidth trial. Accounts are free but are limited to the first 5 000 signups.

“The decision to launch our own ADSL network has been made specifically with our customers in mind,” says Matthew Tagg, CEO of Web Africa. “Not only will we now have more freedom to offer new products and services to our users, we will be able to offer the very best service at an affordable price.
"Our goal is to optimise our network according to what our customers need for their various internet usages.”
Other benefits will include enhanced service, as service levels will be fully controlled by Web Africa. This freedom will extend into greater innovation and new products to be launched, as Web Africa will no longer be locked into the requirements of other providers, as well as costs savings in the future. With the availability of the Seacom and EASSY cables, Web Africa will be positioned to offer added value and pass these savings on to customers.
"We are using this trial to fine tune the network so that we can give our customers a problem-free experience when we officially launch,” adds Tagg. “We would like to ask everyone who signs up for the trial to bear in mind that this is not the final product, service interruptions will occur, and this is not indicative of the performance of the final product. We would also like to ask that users do not run mission critical applications on the trial network, as we cannot be held responsible for any lost data.”
The launch of the new network will not affect monthly subscriptions or pre-paid costs, and service offerings will not be changed, as Web Africa will endeavour to make the transition to the new network as smooth as possible. Existing customers will automatically be migrated to the new network once the trial is over.