Bombela Operating Company (BOC), which holds a 15-year contract to operate and maintain the Gautrain Rapid Rail Link, has awarded Lorge a contract to install a Sage ERP X3 enterprise resource planning and accounting software solution.

“The Sage solution is being implemented in phases,” says Lorge services manager for Sage ERP X3, Martin van Blerk. “The first phase involves financials and procurement with additional phases focusing on integration with asset management, human resources and payroll, maintenance systems and ticket sales.”
The financial solution will enable BOC to manage revenue from the Gautrain operation and will include Sage X3 Citrix web client services allowing the French holding company, RATP Dev, any time access to the system and financial information via the Internet.
“As RATP Dev in France needs to consolidate financial information, we will set up a chart of accounts that allows BOC to produce its management reporting and a second view on the general ledger will be used by the holding company for consolidation across multiple companies with multiple currencies,” added van Blerk. “RATP Dev will have easy access to the data in formats that meet their reporting requirements.”
Sales of Gautrain tickets at stations will link to the Sage X3 system, as will the maintenance subcontracts . Payments to suppliers will be made electronically within the accounting software.
“High level communication and co-operation between RATP Dev in Paris and BOC here in Johannesburg has been facilitated and managed by the global Sage ERP X3 team, ensuring quality and consistency throughout,” says Softline Accpac sales director Keith Fenner.
“BOC’s every need is being met at the highest standard by the local and international Sage teams, confirming Sage ERP X3’s status as a truly international ERP solution.”
Implementation of the Sage ERP X3 software has begun at BOC and the first phase is expected to be fully operational by this month (September 2009).