Wynleigh International, the technology-focused business compliance company, is to establish Wynleigh-branded offices in Australia during 2010.

The company confirms that it is rolling out a blueprint to establish international offices, making use of its methodologies and intellectual property to set up owner-managed offices, which will be part owned by the company.
Tony Cunningham, MD of Wynleigh International, says the company is looking at English-speaking emerging market countries with the same approach to corporate governance as South Africa.
“We are looking at countries where corporate governance is becoming an issue and where there is a willingness to tackle this problem head-on, including with ensuring compliance via processes and accreditation.
“We are currently engaged in a number of discussions with owner-managed businesses to set up offshore Wynleigh offices, including Australia and New Zealand.
“Our blueprint will provide the respective owners with the wherewithal to expand deeper into the compliance business, making use of our customer relationship management (CRM) system, our software driven internal methodologies and Achiever plus."