3Com has announced plans to deliver a broad array of high-performance, network-embedded and overlay security solutions to help enterprise customers build a secure network fabric that will simultaneously reduce security risks, management overhead and infrastructure costs.

The Secure Network Fabric includes the integration of 3Com’s industry-leading TippingPoint intrusion prevention system (IPS) technology and its H3C enterprise network and security solutions to deliver a unified product line that combines security, network infrastructure and policy management.
This Secure Network Fabric will be managed by a centralised policy management system that provides a single view of security devices and network operations, and allows rapid implementation and deployment of complex security policies to the distributed security enforcement systems.
Flexible security appliances and embedded security blades in the H3C network chassis to improve performance and reduce hardware costs, while integrating security at more points throughout the network fabric. This includes new VPN and firewall solutions – the H3C SecPath F-Series and H3C SecBlade VPN firewalls.
TippingPoint IPS blades, as well as H3C security modules, will be embedded in the network infrastructure products provided by H3C, providing a more comprehensive product portfolio with improved performance.
A unified network and security management framework based on TippingPoint’s Security Management System (SMS) and H3C’s Intelligent Management  centre (IMC) spanning all security devices to reduce the cost of implementing and managing complex security policies, and provide greater visibility to network operations.
“The proliferation of internal and application-specific network security threats and the burden of compliance initiatives have greatly increased network security complexity and management costs,” says Saar Gillai, 3Com senior vice-president: worldwide products and solutions.
“To address this, we are integrating our industry-leading TippingPoint IPS with our H3C networking and security solutions to increase the level and sophistication of security services that enterprises should expect without sacrificing network performance.
“The integrated management framework will allow our customers to realise better protection, greater operational efficiency, reduced response times, and lower cost-per-incident."