Quantum Africa, the local operation of the world's leading specialist in backup, recovery and archive, has announced new capabilities designed to bring the value of deduplication to a wider range of backup environments.

This includes a DXi7500 disk backup hardware configuration optimised for network attached storage (NAS) and Symantec OpenStorage API architectures, and a new DXi7500 software feature release.
The hardware configuration provides improved Ethernet connectivity, while the updated software supports disk-tape integration in five additional backup applications. This combination of hardware and software enhancements, in conjunction with ISV partner applications, enables NAS and OpenStorage customers to leverage the benefits of deduplication as part of a multi-tier data protection strategy.
The growth of disk-centric deduplication solutions has been fuelled by the emergence of low-cost Ethernet infrastructures to support data protection, while backup software capabilities for managing backup to disk targets have expanded. In response, Quantum developed a new hardware configuration, the DXi7500-N, which is optimised to serve this environment. It includes six GbE ports, two fibre channel ports, and bundled NAS as a standard feature. The Ethernet-centric configuration enables customers to effectively manage deduplicated backup in larger, more complex OpenStorage environments where Ethernet is required.
With the DXi7500-N, Quantum continues its industry leadership in providing integrated disk and tape capabilities, through support for OpenStorage direct tape creation with Symantec NetBackup 6.5.4.
Customers who adopt a disk-centric deduplication strategy to optimise their backup and recovery typically pay a penalty to do so – they give up the capability for embedded tape creation and management for long-term compliance or archive. The combination of the Quantum DXi7500-N and Symantec OpenStorage provides a complete solution; there is no tradeoff required.
With the new DXi7500 software release, Quantum has also expanded its industry-leading list of supported applications for direct tape creation to 12. This now includes application-aware path-to-tape support for Oracle Secure Backup and Atempo Time Navigator, enabling the direct transfer of data from the DXi7500 to tape while under the application’s control. In addition, the DXi7500 is now qualified to support Shadow Tape Creation with Symantec Backup Exec, CA ARCserve, and BakBone NetVault.
The Shadow Tape Creation capability in the DXi7500 initiates and tracks tape creation directly while users keep a separate media catalogue. In all cases where Quantum supports direct tape creation, including through OpenStorage, removable media is created in native format for universal direct recovery and drive-based encryption is offered for secure long-term retention of backup data.
“Quantum has a demonstrated strength in working with ISV partners to deliver complete deduplication solutions for backup and archive, and these enhancements further reinforce that,” notes Ryan Johnson, country manager of Quantum Africa. “With more customers wanting to adopt NAS and OpenStorage, we are making it easier to reap the benefits of deduplication and direct tape creation in their disk-based backup environments.”
Beyond its path-to-tape supports, the updated DXi7500 software also includes an expanded command line interface, additional reporting functions for more detailed monitoring, and enhanced management capabilities for improved ease of use.