A partnership with Google makes Coolerbooks.com the largest e-bookstore in the world, with well over 1-million public domain books from Google Books in its online library.

Coolerbooks.com, owned by UK company Interead, will feature a Google API with out-of-copyright works from the Google Books index, accessible for free via the web site, and the Col-er ereader.
Coolerbooks.com accommodates 19 document formats, including EPUB and PDF, and MP3 for audio books. Users will also be able to view a preview of many of the ebooks on offer, allowing them to read a few pages before deciding whether they would like to buy the whole title.
"Our aim has always been to make ebooks available to ordinary book lovers, not just technology enthusiasts,' explains Neil Jones, founder of Interead. "We want everyone to be able to enjoy the content on Coolerbooks.com, so even if you don't own one of our e-readers you can still download your favourite titles.
"And now, our partnership with Google allows us to offer more content than anyone else, as well as giving readers the freedom to have a look through ebooks that they
might be interested in. We're extremely proud to be the first ebookstore outside the US to partner with Google Books, and we hope that the collaboration will make the appeal and accessibility of ebooks broader than ever."