New Nokia phones will let cell phone users get closer to their social networks, the company announced yesterday at Nokia World. It also released details about its upcoming netbook computer.

Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CEO of Nokia, comments: "Nokia aims at reaching the many, not the few, with our rich portfolio of services. We are doing this through an increasing number of open partnerships with world leaders in many fields. We are proud to lead the charge in smartphones and beyond as manifested in the Nokia N900 and Nokia Booklet 3G, two great examples of how the world is changing and Nokia is driving this change."
Opening up the next chapter of personal and location-aware internet, Nokia announced lifecasting with Ovi, a partnership with Facebook.
Lifecasting with Ovi is the first application to let people publish their location and status updates directly to their Facebook account from the home screen of a mobile device.
Lifecasting will premiere on the new Nokia N97 mini, which is designed with a social and style-conscious consumer in mind. The Nokia N97 mini features a tilting 3.2-inch touch display, QWERTY keyboard and customisable homescreen.
Nokia also divulged details about its upcoming Nokia Booklet 3G, schedule to ship in the next few weeks with Windows 7.
It will be priced higher than comparable netbooks by other vendors, but will probably be distributed by cellphone service providers as part of the user's annual service contract.
The device will boast an aluminum case and weigh in at 1,3kg. It will have a 25cm monitor, an Intel Atom processor, 1Gb of memory and a 3G SIM card.