As the reality of Seacom’s international capacity dawns on South Africans, the constant hunger for increased bandwidth is becoming even more evident – and the telcos need to gear up to meet customer needs.

This is according to Stefano Mattiello, chief sales & customer service officer at Neotel, who says: “The critical thing for consumers is that they want results – they want high speed internet access that is reliable.
“The days of empty promises around capacity and bandwidth are long gone, because consumers will no longer sit idly by and just accept what is made available to them.”
Neotel is about to launch a multi-segment WiMax service that offers peak speeds of up to 5Mbps. Depending on the distance to the base station, the peak rate may be as high as 15Mbps.
“This type of bandwidth is unheard of in South Africa’s consumer arena,” says Mattiello. “It completely revolutionises the consumer telecommunications landscape,” he says. WiMAX is a broadband technology that provides internet access with high data rates.
"According to recent research by In-Stat, WiMax provides the right mix of features and pricing to appeal to consumers, offering true multiplay – data, internet and voice on wireless.
“WiMax is not a brand new technology – but WaxAX for consumers at these speeds is definitely a first,” says Mattiello.
He believes the consumer WiMax offering will immediately address a market need for high bandwidth.  “It’s almost difficult to comprehend the benefits which this will bring to the consumer market – we’ve heard so much about the content and applications that are available out there, but have not physically experienced them.”