A Durban company is highlighting slow data transfer speeds by setting up a race – between Telkom data lines and a carrier pigeon.

The Unlimited is a kwaZulu-Natal company that needs to get data from its 11 satellite call centres every day in order to monitor quality of sales, listen to voice logs, and verify call costs – basically, to do all the key quality and data checks required.
However, it's found that the current solution of downloading the data from one server to the next via existing infrastructure is not efficient from a time and cost perspective. And it's also unreliable due to an unstable communications backbone.
And so it decided to put a theory about carrier pigeons to the test.
The company decided to load 4Gb of data on to a flash disk, attach it to a homing pigeon and send the data back from Howick, load it on to the server and compare that to the data that they are bringing back using their ADSL infrastructure.
Initial tests indicate that it could take two days, two hours, six minutes and 22 seconds for a 4 096Mb file using the existing infrastructure, whereas loading 4Gb of data onto an external drive, and sending it via the pigeon, would take about an hour-and-a-half, with the transportation taking 45 minutes of that.
The Unlimited plans to demonstrate its theory on 9 September, when the two transportation modes (pigeon and ADSL) will be pitted against one another.