Top Layer Security' IPS 5500 E-Series has received Common Criteria validation at Evaluation Assurance Level (EAL) 4, the highest level of evaluation assurance available on the IPS market.

Top Layer is represented locally by Condyn, an Information Security solutions provider and Top Layer Secure Circle Distributor.
Common Criteria has become the international standard for certifying commercial software and appliances, with a comprehensive range of evaluation criteria for government-use installations and corporate security products. While the products of 26 technology vendors have received validation through Common Criteria for their IPS/IDS capabilities, Top Layer is one of only three vendors that have received product validation at EAL4 and is the only vendor at this level with a specialised focus on IPS.
The Top Layer IPS 5500 E-Series was evaluated at EAL4 by the Cygnacom Security Evaluation Lab (SEL) to ensure that the product was not only tested and checked, as done for lower assurance levels, but also methodically designed, documented and maintained, providing the maximum assurance possible without a substantial requirement for additional specialist knowledge or other resources.
“The Top Layer IPS 5500 E-Series family of products offers the strongest levels of network protection, performance and reliability on the market today,” says Jorina van Rensburg, CEO of Condyn. “With the combination of content-based IPS/IDS, stateful firewall and attack mitigation algorithms, the IPS 5500 is the only solution that provides Three Dimensional Protection (3DP) against malicious content, undesired access and rate-based attacks.
“The IPS 5500 E-Series has already  received top accolades from the world's most prestigious labs and influential publications, and its recent Common Criteria EAL4 validation stands as a testament to the design of the most dynamic and complete IPS on the market,” she adds.