Vodacom’s first “Dawn of the Living Widgets” winner, S3 Solutions, has taken the grand prize of R50 000.00 at a marathon six-hour mobile widget development competition.

The four-man team developed a 2010 Soccer World Cup widget, which counts down the days and hours left until the kick-off of the first World Cup soccer match next year.
“As a company, Vodacom is always looking to stay at the forefront of web and mobile-based applications," says Romeo Kumalo, executive director: commercial at Vodacom. “The widget competition and workshops are part of Vodacom’s innovation drive to introduce Betavine, an open development platform, to the South African mobile applications development community."
Developers were encouraged to release their creativity and experiment with widget technology in order to create a widget that is innovative, easy to use and practical.
The competition day also included a full line-up of workshops, discussing the technical aspects of widget creation. The contest was judged by expert widget enthusiasts from Vodacom, Vodafone and other industry experts.
The first runner up, Werner Pieterson, won an X-Box for his widget “Flogger”, which aggregates all information from your car journey and assists in managing your car travel log.
The second runner up, Mark Pearl, received an HTC smartphone for his “Guess the number” widget, which looks set to be a great contender for the ultimate time waster.