Nokia Siemens Networks is demonstrating DSL with download speeds of 25Mbps at a distance of up to 1 500 meters from the local exchange at Broadband World Forum in Paris this week. The VDSL2 bonding solution is a milestone in the industry.

“Restricted reach has put limits on the business opportunity of VDSL2. By doubling the reach with minimum complexity in terms of upgrading, our technology demonstration shows carriers a potential to extend their VDSL2 offering to millions of new customers," says Eduard Scheiterer, head of broadband access at Nokia Siemens Networks.
A technology-related challenge faced by VDSL2 service providers is that available bandwidth drops dramatically the further a customer is from a DSLAM (the network device that connects the various DSL subscriber lines to the main high speed internet connection). Bonding is a process by which several VDSL lines can be virtually combined to expand the reach of the VDSL2 network, increasing the access bandwidth for customers.
Not only does Nokia Siemens Networks’ VDSL2 solution mark the first demo ever conducted outside the ideal conditions of a lab, the approach would be implemented through a simple software upgrade, improving time to market, and reducing the cost of implementation, resulting in maximum protection to customers with previous investments in VDSL2.