Stratus Technologies has announced the fifth-generation Stratus ftServer line, delivering industry-standard continuous availability for business- and mission-critical Windows applications.

The ftServer 2600, 4500 and 6300 models, based on Intel Xeon 5500 Nehalem processors, are one- and two-socket servers delivering quad-core processing power for full-function fault-tolerant computing right out of the box.
Applications run with no software modification or failover scripting required, benefitting immediately from the processing power of all eight logical cores and nearly 99,9999% availability.
Requirements for unfailing uptime reliability continue to increase, driven by virtualisation technology, global e-commerce, worker mobility, real-time collaboration and data management, and the punishing cost of application downtime. Stratus ftServer systems are field-proven to deliver the industry’s best protection against unplanned downtime and data loss.
Compared to previous models, the new ftServer systems offer:
* First fault-tolerant implementation of Intel Xeon 5500 processors, the next step in faster, multi-core technology that intelligently maximise performance to match workload;
* The first fault-tolerant implementation of QuickPath Interconnect Technology (QPI) for dynamically scalable interconnect bandwidth and outstanding memory performance to address a wider spectrum of database requirements;
* Up to triple the memory at 96GB;
* Eight pair of 2.5” internal SAS disks for up to 8TB of physical storage; and
* Integrated virtual technician module for proactive fault notification, remote system access, and improved online upgrading.
"Among the wide range of availability requirements ftServer systems can satisfy, the increased power and performance, together with the QPI architecture and plug-and-play operational simplicity, makes this new family an ideal database engine,” says Dick Sharod, Stratus African regional director.
“Having delivered affordable mainframe-class availability for critical OLTP applications since 1982, Stratus is targeting Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) installations and new opportunities by delivering the industry’s most reliable server platform with the fastest growing database product, Microsoft SQL Server.”