Mitel, the trusted provider of unified communications solutions, has unveiled the next step in its strategy, Mitel Series X, the evolution of Mitel Communications Director software with embedded Mitel Dynamic Extension. 

The evolution of Mitel's open architecture allows customers to leverage their existing assets, such as mobile devices, network infrastructure, and legacy equipment, to gain the benefits of unified communications without the need to rip and replace.
Dynamic Extension delivers single-number 'reachability,' enabling a call to a user's business number which can simultaneously ring up to eight devices in a personal ring group, and provides seamless hand off between devices. This ability redefines 'work where you are' with a single voice mail box and simple access to business communications features from any location.
The software extends user presence and availability to other staff and the corporate network, so that mobile employees' status is maintained and their identities stay the same for business calls to and from any device.
"Today's working environment is becoming increasingly mobile, and it is important for mobile employees to be connected with the enterprise communications system regardless of distance, device, or carrier,” says Brent Kelly, senior analyst & partner at Wainhouse Research
“Mitel's Dynamic Extension provides users easy inbound and outbound calling with full enterprise business telephony features regardless of the device and the network being used. By more fully leveraging the organisation's existing communications infrastructure, communications costs can be reduced while making employees more accessible, more productive, and more accountable," says Kelly.
“In today's cost-conscious environment, Mitel solutions deliver immediate business value by boosting productivity and maximising existing assets,” says Andy Bull, director of Mitel South Africa.
"Mitel’s Series X software provides location independence for employees, enabling a true ability to ‘work where you are,’ allowing organisations to leverage and add value to existing assets to both increase productivity and save money. This is just the tip of the iceberg for Mitel’s software innovation; watch this space for further evolutions of Series X,” says Bull.
Dynamic Extension works with, and adds value to, any mobile or fixed device including existing office phones, without the need for a Mitel IP phone. “In fact, enterprises can use employees' private cell phones for business purposes, at no cost to employees, saving on telephony expenses,” says Bull.
Dynamic Extension is embedded in Communications Director software which runs on the industry-leading Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP) or a standard server from Sun, HP, or IBM.