As the world counts down to the 22 October launch of Microsoft Windows 7, Mustek has become the first OEM in the Middle East and Africa region to attain the sought-after ‘Windows Hardware Quality Laboratory’ certification.

The company, which assembles and distributes Mecer PCs, notebooks, servers and PC accessories, believes WHQL will give it significant advantage in integrating Windows 7 into Mecer hardware – and offering a competitive solution to local businesses.
“We believe that Windows 7 is a major leap forward for Microsoft in terms of operating system software, and Mustek has recognised the importance of this, not only for Mecer PCs, but for the IT industry as a whole,” said a Mustek spokesman.
“Mustek has therefore accelerated its WHQL certification process in order to be ready for Microsoft’s worldwide launch. We are also looking to be first to market with Mecer PCs that offer end-users an opportunity to experience Windows 7.”
Microsoft’s Windows Hardware Quality Laboratories testing executes an intensive set of tests on hardware and system drivers and devices to ensure that hardware and software operability are in line with Microsoft design criteria for its operating systems. These tests ensure that users have the best experience with the manufacturer’s hardware and the Windows operating system. Each operating system carries highly specified policies around how hardware and drivers need to interact with its operating system to drive this experience.
Only once a manufacturer passes these tests and they are validated by Microsoft may a PC Manufacturer display the “Designed for Windows” logo on that PC model.
All Windows 7 variants, including Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate, will be available on the range of Mecer Prelude, Symphony, Proficient and Graphite PCs, Mecer Xpression Notebooks and Mecer Omega Servers.