GovTech, Durban – Most ICT decision-makers in government are prepared to blow the whistle on fraud and corruption. This emerged from a snap survey at GovTech which also revealed that the problem could be more extensive than previously thought. 

Following a hard-hitting keynote address, where SITA's acting-CEO Moses Mtimunye promised to stamp out corruption within the agency, he polled delegates for their opinions on the subject.
He was surprised that a massive 80% of the audience agreed that ICT acquisition and corruption are linked.
In addition, on the question whether the ICT acquisition is littered with worrying allegations, 39% agreed, with 37% strongly agreeing.
That the ICT industry is guilty of feeding corruption met with agreement from 39% of delegates, with 42% strongly agreeing.
However, 53% believe industry associations are not yet ready to root out corrupt members – a figure that rose to 57% on a revote.
A further statistic is that 38% of delegates believe government officials involved in ICT acquisition could be corrupt and 47% strongly agree.
However, 78% of delegates say they are prepared to blow the whistle on ICT acquisition irregularities.