Following the success of its Kwa-Zulu Natal/ Durban conference, the South African Payroll Association ( has awakened renewed appreciation for the role of payroll administrators in corporate South Africa and captured interest of regional operators within the Western Cape.

The representative body’s second conference, held recently in Cape Town at the Breakwater Lodge, was well attended. Feedback forms clearly showed that many delegates believe that whilst there are real challenges facing businesses in many industries across several sectors, there are reasons to feel optimistic about the socio-economic direction the country is following.
After two successful conferences, executive management at the Association is understandably upbeat about the reception the industry body has received from both members and non-members alike.
While precise figures are still to be made available, the confirmed increase in attendance at the national conference and the level of intensity of discussion and deliberation of topics is indicative of a changing working environment and one under significant pressure says James McKerrell, director and chairman of the Association.
"After the first conference in Durban, which was well attended, and the very positive response we had in Cape Town, the general feedback received suggests that the sessions are of significant value to the guests. The association’s national conference is an effective and established platform through which we add value to our growing membership base, engage with the market and extend our influence. And there has never been a more important time for this Association to exert its influence and support business operators through a very challenging but opportune time in terms of HR and financial management,” says McKerrell.
Business leaders from SA Payroll Association members and non-members located in the Cape region listened to speakers and posed a number of questions, including those covering the level of impact new tax and HR legislation will have on businesses going forward, the issue of skills development and shortages, technology and other key factors that impact corporate governance.
McKerrell told guests at the Cape conference that the Association will continue to press for a more cohesive, more pronounced and results-focused alliance between industry regulation bodies, representative organisations and corporate South Africa.
“The campaign to help set and maintain standards for South African business and also drive through the message of urgency to use relationships and partnerships to improve service and delivery across many sectors is gaining momentum,” says McKerrell. “The message that we are communicating to delegates at each regional conference is that each area has a specific and very important mandate to not only advance their own businesses and operations, but do so with the common purpose of building individuals and communities.
“The Association’s strength as a representative body established to support payroll administrators and help sustain levels of professionalism within this industry is on the up. We are looking forward to the Johannesburg conference and we anticipate a very high turnout, substantial value in both topics discussed and questions asked,” he adds.