E-mail etiquette is not something that most people think about, but it should be says a US communication consultant and college lecturer.

Consultant Claudia Strauss, who also lectures at Albright College, says: "E-mailing is not something you should do on autopilot. E-mail has two primary functions: getting the job done and building relations.
"Sometimes it's more the first, sometimes more the second, but it's always about both," she says. "Anything that gets in the way of that will make your e-mail less effective. And when your e-mail is less effective, you, too, will be less effective."
She adds that, before clicking send, there are four key elements to consider:
* Is this subject suitable for e-mail?
* Have I listened to the tone?
* Are all the mechanics correct (grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.)?
* Would it be all right for anyone besides the recipient to see this?