Altech and Seacom have signed a strategic bilateral agreement whereby Altech has aquired significant bandwidth on Seacom's undersea cable and Seacom will use Altech's terrestrial fibre optic network to reach inland into East Africa.

Craig Venter, CEO of Altech, today revealed how his company has acquired 5Gbps on the Seacom cable, with the option of doubling this capacity within the next three years.
About 18 months ago, Altech made a R650-million investment into East Africa with the acquisition of Kenya Data Networks (KDN), Swift Global and Infocom.
As a result, says Venter, it boasts more than 6 000km of fibre optice cable in the region, which is being increased at a rate of about 10km per day.
With the new alliance, Venter believes Altech has become the second-biggest network operator on the African continent.
KDN currently reaches Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Uganda. It has recently received an operators licence for the Democratic Republic on Congo (DRC) as well.
In addition, Seacom has signed up with Altech to use its terrestial networks to "land" the undersea cable further inland.
"The alliance means that Altech will be able to supply bandwidth to land-locked countries like Rwanda and Uganda, from where Seacom lands in Mombassa," says Venter.
"We emphatically cover five East African countries with fibre, and now we will plug that into Seacom."