MTN South Africa has implemented a filtering mechanism to improve the security of SMS for its customers, developed by security specialists WhiteCell.

“SMS serves a variety of needs, from family and friends keeping in touch with one another, voice mail notifications, transaction notifications, over-the-air setting of service parameters, to other advanced services,” says Sharoda Rapeti, GM: products & services at MTN South Africa.
When one considers that there is also a constant increase in mobile data usage, telecommunication companies around the world are exposing themselves to a variety of harmful traffic.
This has the potential to negatively impact the integrity of the network by flooding it with useless information, denial-of-service attacks that prevent users from getting access to the network, and unsolicited messages which include spam, phishing, spoofing, viruses and other obscene or inappropriate content.
“With this mechanism, we have added an additional security layer on top of our existing infrastructure that identifies potential threats, and prevents unwanted traffic from passing through the network that could be detrimental to MTN subscribers, without touching the person to person traffic of our customers.
“MTN wants to ensure that our customers do not have to concern themselves about falling prey to these elements. By pro-actively targeting these harmful elements, MTN is showing its commitment to our customers,” Sharoda says.