MXit has added Facebook to its gateway offering. This will enable the approximately 2-million Facebook users in South Africa to interact with their contacts via the MXit platform of more than 14-million South African users.

Around 65% of the South African Facebook market falls within the 18-34 age demographic, so it fits in with MXit’s 17- to 25-year-old demographic, says Juan du Toit, international marketing manager of MXit.
"Our aim, as always, is to create a fun and user-friendly mobile social environment that is all-encompassing and where users can create, communicate and share.  We believe that the ability to converge social communities is an exciting prospect for our users.
“As MXit expands its footprint in Africa, South East Asia and Latin  America, this gateway allows users to update their Facebook status immediately via their mobile phones without having to log on to a separate network. A nice bonus is that the data costs are almost non-existent when accessed via MXit,” Du Toit adds.
"Facebook was a natural evolution in our gateway offering."
MXit users with the latest version (v5.9.3) will have access to the gateway.