Uniross is evolving rechargeable battery technology at the rate of notebook technology in becoming smaller and longer lasting.

The launch of the Uniross Power2Go external lightweight battery for notebook computers is a boost for power-hungry notebook users. It will provide between three and six hours of additional battery power, in addition to the notebook’s internal battery power.
“This is a first for the South African notebook industry and will extend battery usage in some cases three-fold,” says Uniross marketing manager Michael Rogers.
“The battery uses the new lithium-ion polymer technology which is more advanced than lithium-ion technology currently used in notebook batteries,” says Rogers.
“Although other external power packs are available, they are designed for smaller portable devices, and are bulky with limited power,” he says.
The Uniross Power2Go is best suited for mobile users who are away from the office or on long flights where an internal notebook battery usually only lasts for three hours.
The device will provide up to six hours power on a notebook, 96 hours on a portable electronic game players, 7 000 extra shots on a digital camera, 540 extra hours of music on an MP3 player and 112 hours extra talk time on a cellphone.
The Power2Go will maintain its charge for a year after being fully charged and has a two year warranty and a connector guarantee.
There are two models in the range, the smallest of which is 22mm high, 112mm long and 75mm wide.
Both models are supplied with a USB slot which can be used to charge other devices such as a cellphone, MP3 player or PDA.