The rapid growth of broadband provider iBurst has necessitated the complete replacement of internal information systems with the next phase of the rollout of the new system now complete.

With planning dating back as far as 2007, iBurst’s Business and Operations Support Systems, or iBoss, is a multiphase information systems project that will ultimately radically enhance the company's customer relationship management, product ordering, billing processes and financial management functions
However as is common in IT projects of the size and scope of this one, iBurst encountered a number of glitches as the new system went live in August which unfortunately impacted on the quality of service experienced by the company's subscribers.
Jannie van Zyl, CEO at iBurst, comments: "We have certainly had a rough few weeks with the launch of our new iBoss system. We'd like to thank customers that were affected by the glitches for helping to us work out all the kinks in the system and for sticking with us during the rollout.
"Looking to the future, iBoss positions us to deliver better and more flexible service to our customers as our business grows. We believe that customers will soon agree that the benefits it allows us to offer more than justify the teething problems we experienced."
Meanwhile, iBurst is issuing all iBurst contract and month-to-month users with an extra 250Mb of bandwidth for the month of October.
In addition, those customers that register to get their bills electronically during October and those that are already registered for electronic billing will get an extra 250Mb of bandwidth at the end of October.