The importance of training as an integral part of the delivery of business solutions to its clients is far from lost on Microsoft Gold Certified company i5. With the acquisition of Advanced Infrastructure, Business Intelligence, Sharepoint, and learning solutions specialist Inobits, i5 believes it is strengthening its hand with a strategic differentiator which will enhance its ability to create value from technology projects, by giving the ability to deliver end to end on our customer’s Microsoft software needs.

While it will collocate with i5 at its Bryanston headquarters, the company will be known as ‘Inobits, a member of the i5 Group’.
According to i5 CEO Glen Ansell, most of what comes with Inobits is complementary to his company. “The Microsoft Gold Partner certification in Security and Advanced Infrastructure Solutions dovetail perfectly with our existing capabilities in the Microsoft applications space, allowing i5 to provide an even greater range of solutions from beneath one roof,” he notes.
But it is in the Inobits Learning Solutions capability that Ansell is most excited. “There are no solutions which are delivered today which don’t have training as an integral and essential element for success. By bringing the capability for the design and delivery of proven learning solutions in-house, i5 is able to take the value we create for clients to a whole new level. Our clients are not just getting software, they can also get the skills their staffs need to make the most of any solution we deliver,” he says.
"That said, let’s not place any less importance on how pivotal the Advanced Infrastructure, competence will be to adding more value to our customers."
With Inobits holding the distribution rights for K2 Workflow solutions in the Middle East, this capability opens new horizons for the i5 Group. While the Information Worker competence is arguably competitive with that of i5, Ansell says that with the high demand for business intelligence, Portals, Collaboration and workflow solutions, the Inobits capability effectively fortifies i5’s resource base.
“That gives us extended capability to deliver on enterprise projects; we’re happy to have more skilled staff on board in this area of the business,” he remarks.
Furthermore, Ansell doesn’t shy away from the difficulty i5 has experienced in realising its ambitions to expand internationally. “We have landed a lot of international business but have found it challenging to establish offices from which to build a more permanent presence. Along with Inobits comes an office of some ten people in Middle East which will be leveraged to take i5 and the services offered by the group further into the region.”
Inobits managing director Hud Krause will continue in this role to ensure continuity for existing Inobits clients; he also takes on an i5 Group role to integrate the organisations.
“Becoming a part of i5 means we are able to share infrastructure and management systems; we also enjoy the opportunity to add value to i5’s client base while continuing to service our own customers,” says Krause.
“The synergies with our businesses are apparent. Inobits can extend its market reach as part of i5 while enhancing the group’s ability to deliver Microsoft solutions with an unique advantage,” Krause adds.