Radical changes in South Africa's telecommunications landscape of the last year have created new opportunities in this market for global companies.

This was the key message delivered by Teraco Data Environments yesterday to UK executives in the telecommunications and IT sphere.
The company, the first vendor- and carrier-neutral data centre in South Africa, hosted an event in London that featured presentations from Teraco, Seacom and T-Systems. More than 60 companies, including 15 global carriers and numerous global multinationals and ICT companies attended.
Presentations discussed the proliferation of network players since the High Court ruling last year, which allowed all electronic communications network service (ECNS) licensees, of which there are about 500, to build networks.
To date, it is believed that around 12 companies are investing in network build out. This is leading to a decrease in bandwidth prices over the last seven years: from as much as $30 000.00 per Mbps per month for international connectivity in 2003 to $600.00 per Mbps per month today. Consensus is that this would fall lower in coming years.
"The event affirmed European interest in the South African economy and ICT industry," says Tim Parsonson, group chief executive of Teraco.
"We hosted it to bring together UK-based executives that are looking for new options for their own growth with new partners that can provide better, more cost-effective services.
"The market is changing fast and companies need to keep options open. As the only neutral colocation provider in South Africa, Teraco looks forward to continue growing its footprint in the data centre space as international businesses realise the benefits of colocating their data centres in South Africa's competitive new telecoms space."