AMD has announced another milestone in delivering world-class platforms that integrate leading-edge processor, chipset and GPU technology.

With the introduction of the Six-Core AMD Opteron™ processor with AMD Chipset platform, AMD is taking a step forward in its strategy to provide customers with server platforms – processor, chipset, and GPU – that specifically address the needs of today’s data centre workloads.
This new server platform, along with the AMD platform specification code-named “Kroner”, enables advanced performance, the benefits of unified processor and chipset technology, and furthers AMD’s commitment to energy efficiency.
The very low power “Kroner” twin server design specification offers additional platform elements such as voltage regulation and the ability to remotely set power caps, to help further drive down power consumption for hyperscale customers.
New AMD chipset technology can help improve performance of virtualisation and HPC workloads with PCI Express 2.0, HyperTransport 3 technology and advanced AMD Virtualisation (AMD-V) technology and AMD-P features, including IOMMU support.
The comprehensive platform offers better energy efficiency with a new low-power AMD chipset to meet the demands of cloud and other dense server environments.
In addition, OEMs have flexibility in customising their offerings with the wide range of performance and power choices available in the AMD Opteron processor family and now with three new options in a corresponding AMD server chipset.
Unified platform can improve design efficiency, technology integration, and enable enhanced platform features among CPUs, chipsets and GPUs.
Multiple platforms in a wide range of configurations and form factors, including blade, rack and tower, are expected to be available in the coming weeks from leading server infrastructure providers, while additional OEMs are expected to incorporate the new AMD server chipset into their systems based on the upcoming AMD Opteron processor.
“Our focus is to deliver on the aspects of a server platform that directly impact the IT manager – improved performance on key workloads and virtualisation, and low overall power consumption,” says Patrick Patla, vice-president and GM: server & embedded business at AMD. “This new platform and the platform specification codenamed “Kroner” allow our OEM customers to deliver unique solutions to solve a particular datacentre problem. And they can recognise development and time to market value because of the consistency and commonality across our product generations.”