With the recent launch of its AXIS Camera Application Platform, Axis Communications has introduced a new level of openness to the security industry.

The open application platform makes it possible for any company to develop downloadable applications for Axis’ market-leading range of network cameras and video encoders.
Axis is the first company to completely open its network video products for third-party applications.
“A parallel can be drawn to the telecom market, where end-users benefit from a wide range of downloadable applications for their mobile phones,” says Ray Mauritsson, CEO of Axis Communications. “In the security market, the focus of the applications however, will be different.
"We see great interest for intelligent video applications that provide the products with capabilities based on, for instance, recognition, tracking, detection and counting.”
Axis’ vision is to make a wide range of Axis-compatible applications easily available for integrators and end-users.
“There are many skilled application developers with unique competences and ideas. Our open application platform enables them to develop applications that bring extra value to various target groups,” says Mauritsson. “As a result, it will be possible for integrators and end-users to select the best combination of camera and application, or encoder and application, to meet specific needs within transportation, education, city surveillance and other industry segments.”
A recent report from IMS Research shows that there is a great market interest for video analytics applications.
“The market for intelligent devices in security & business intelligence applications is forecast to grow at an annual rate of over 40% from 2008 to 2013,” says Niall Jenkins, market analyst at IMS Research. “The open application platform from Axis Communications will be one of the key factors driving faster growth, creating new opportunities for video content analysis software in the network camera and video encoder markets.”