More memos have been made public regarding the European Commission's ruling against Intel, this time detailing some business decisions taken by HP.

It would seem, from the documents now made public, that HP might have scaled back plans for a range of AMD-based computers because Intel could have retaliated.
The report details that HP refused 1-million free microprocessors from AMD, taking only 160 000 of them, to avoid a reaction from Intel.
When HP launched a PC based on the AMD chip, it reportedly lost many of it's Intel rebates. And when the two companies resumed talks, confidentail e-mail indicate that the terms precluded HP from favouring AMD.
Last week, the EC disclosed documents from Dell telling a similar story.
Intel has a 77% market share in the microprocessor market, with AMD as its main rival with 23%.
The Commission imposed the fine earlier this year after an investigation going back to 2004. Intel has appealed the ruling, and will probably be heard by the European Court of First Instance in Luxembourg next year.