Local cookware reseller Capri Linen is set to upgrade to Accpac ERP 500 5.5, from Softline Accpac, to support its growing needs and facilitate the streamlining of its operations.

Accpac business partner Synergy Accounting will contribute to this new phase of the company’s growth through custom developing a long-awaited hire purchase management system within Accpac 5.5.
Capri Linen has been in operation for 43 years. Its head office is in Randburg and operations extend to Namibia, Swaziland and Botswana. Credit manager Michael Swanich explains that the company’s main business is the sale of cookware on a 24-month instalment basis. This kind of business is synonymous with paperwork and the gathering of information from outside sources, like credit bureaus.
“The National Credit Act has had a significant affect on businesses like ours. We recognised the need to upgrade our current system as it is no longer meeting our needs, especially in terms of compliance with the NCA. There is also no instalment sales module in the system and since this is the basis of our business, it was imperative that we found a system that could effectively manage this for us. Another motivation behind the upgrade was to move towards a paperless environment through the digital storage of data.”
Accpac ERP 500 5.5 was identified as the best fit for the company and Synergy Accounting as the implementation partner of choice due to their impressive track record in the areas of financial and distribution systems, as well as custom development services to enhance the functionality of Accpac ERP.
Synergy Accounting’s managing director, Ashley Regenass, says Accpac ERP 5.5 will provide Capri Linen with all the tools for success.
“The solution combines the benefits of ERP and CRM to support integrated front and back office business processes and workflow. This, together with the embedded hire purchase management system, will improve Capri Linen’s decision-making abilities by providing insight into what is happening within the business, enhancing collaboration between departments, and facilitating improved customer relationships by providing employees with a complete and consistent view of the customer.
“The biggest benefit to Capri Linen is that the hire purchase module is an end-to-end solution within the ERP, so there will be no integration challenges. The company will benefit tremendously from the improved functionality the suite offers, the successful implementation of which will lay the foundation for solid future growth.”
Keith Fenner, sales director of Softline Accpac, says that Capri Linen’s ERP system can be still further enhanced to meet their market’s specific requirements, if necessary, thanks to Accpac’s wide range of high-quality integrated vertical tools and the expertise of development partners such as Synergy Accounting.