iBurst has rolled out a new pre-paid Internet offering, aimed at consumers who don't want to be locked into a long-term contract with an Internet service provider or who want absolute control over their broadband spending.

iBurst Prepaid Internet gives end-users all the benefits of iBurst's wireless broadband technology in a new offering that is easy to install, easy to use and allows true prepaid benefits to users of the service.
Because the product is wireless, there is no need to have a telephone line in place or to wait for an ADSL line to be activated. The flexibility of plug and play means users simply plug in the modem, install the drivers and are ready to use the Internet. Top up vouchers are available on the iBurst web site.
"This offering is perfectly positioned for end-users who already have a personal computer who don't want to be locked into a long-term contract with a broadband provider, are unable to pass the credit vetting process, or who simply like to be in complete control of their Internet costs. It is especially well suited for those who make light and sporadic rather than heavy and constant use of the Internet," says Jannie van Zyl, CEO of iBurst.
"Some users that might find this product to be attractive include pensioners, students and scholars as well as existing iBurst subscribers on our month to month or on pay-per-use offerings. It’s also perfectly suited to people who are unable to qualify for credit for whatever reason."
The iBurst Prepaid offering will be available wherever iBurst has coverage through iBurst direct, iBurst retail stores and selected resellers. The user trial began last month and saw iBurst receive valuable input regarding the new prepaid product. iBurst has consequently revised the product’s pricing structure, among other details, to be more aligned with market expectations.
“The pre-paid user trial was an invaluable process for this product," says Van Zyl. "The public assisted us in identifying key areas of concern regarding the product which has allowed us to make it a more attractive value proposition before its official launch."
User trials will continue until the end of October.
New users will be able to buy a starter pack for R999.00, which includes everything a PC user needs to get up-and-running, including a USB modem, an installation disk, 30Mb of data, a username and an e-mail address.
Data vouchers – similar to prepaid cellular top-up vouchers – will be available in a range of denominations from 40Mb to 3Gb, with a price per Megabyte from as low as 16c on the biggest top-up package.
Van Zyl adds: "Prepaid services continue to be one of the fastest growing markets within the South African consumer telecom market. Many consumers like to feel that they are in complete control of their telecom usage and want to avoid getting confusing monthly bills. iBurst Prepaid Internet gives them the peace of mind of knowing that they have complete control over their expenditure."