Prominent KwaZulu-Natal law firm Garlicke & Bousfield has switched its telephony service from Telkom to Neotel through Vox Orion, citing concerns about quality and reliability of service.

“The quality of communications is paramount for us,” says office manager Beavan Gane. “It’s vitally important that our professionals be able to communicate locally, nationally and internationally with no downtime or quality problems. Telkom has not able to deliver, so Vox Orion has switched our telephony over to Neotel.”
Garlicke and Bousfield has a long-standing relationship with Vox Orion, which has been providing least-cost routing services to the firm for several years.
“There were a lot of people in the market offering similar services at the time, but Vox Orion was one of the few that provided decent backup and reliability; their trust and expertise factor was high,” explains Gane. “The deciding factor was that they were the only supplier willing to consider a one-year rather than a two-year contract. They were obviously very confident in their abilities, which gave us peace of mind.”
Gane says Vox Orion has lived up to its initial promise: “They’ve been quite capable of giving us whatever service we wanted, and their performance is exceptional. What they say will happen, happens.”
Vox Orion also actively manages Garlicke and Bousfield’s telephony for cost savings and reliability, adds Gane. “They know about problems before we do and we’ve never had a major technical problem that hasn't been sorted out immediately.  They also monitor the trends in the types of calls we are making and change the routers to maximise our cost savings.”
Gane says Garlicke and Bousfield is saving around R15 000.00 a month by using Vox Orion’s telephony services. But, even more importantly, “we know we can rely on the service.  When Telkom’s service went down we could at least still communicate thanks to Vox Orion — we could still make regional and cellular calls through their routes. The only problem was with local calls, which is why we’ve decided to switch to Vox Orion’s Neotel offering.”