Leading security technology company McAfee has extended its participation as a worldwide member to collaborate with Business Software Alliance’s (BSA) enforcement and policy activities across Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

McAfee is already an active BSA member in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and North America, and now brings this experience and focus to the EMEA region.
The aim of BSA’s anti-piracy work is to ensure license compliance through enforcement action against businesses using unlicensed software, as well as an educational programme to highlight the risks of illegal software use.
“BSA now represents 89 companies worldwide, all dedicated to the common goal of tackling unlawful software use. But with unlicensed software accounting for 41%* of all software around the global, and 35%* used in the European Union, we still have a lot to do,” says Julian Swan, director: compliance marketing EMEA at the BSA.
“We welcome McAfee to the EMEA programme and are pleased that the value of BSA’s activities, conducted across the region, is recognised. With more software companies participating, we hope to further reduce the amount of unlicensed software in businesses.”
David Quantrell, EMEA president of McAfee, adds: “For McAfee, affiliation with the BSA is essential to protect our intellectual property as we push into new markets. Unlicensed software not only presents significant challenges for organisations in the software industry, but also for their much-valued customers. In an area like security, where the threat landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, correctly licensed software provides customers with the level of support required as they work to protect their data, intellectual property and infrastructure from new and emerging security risks.”