Avnic Trading – southern Africa’s exclusive importer and distributor of Garmin Global Positioning Systems (GPS) – has doubled its ability to distribute stock following the implementation of SAP Business One across its Garmin division. The company has also achieved greater visibility of up-to-date sales information and tighter control of stock, costs and cash flow.

The company sought an automated stock management system that could better handle the administration of the huge volumes of stock it manages on a daily basis.
Other key requirements were that the system support First In, First Out (FIFO) costing in order to provide accurate product pricing data, and allow real-time tracking of the company’s stock so that anyone, anywhere, at any time, can access the data for an up-to-date and accurate picture of what is going on in the warehouse.
“We wanted a system that could offer daily sales analysis reports and give better insight into costings. It was also important that the system could manage our ‘kitting’ and ‘un-kitting’ process so that when a customer buys a bundled product such as a GPS with included maps, and then returns the GPS for any reason, we can ‘un-kit’ the product, re-allocating the components to the correct stock accounts.
“In addition, we needed automated approval procedures so that we could keep tighter tabs on user actions,” explains Juliet Botha, financial director at Avnic.
Paul Marketos, managing director of the implementing company, Bluekey Software Solutions, says that given the nature of Avnic Trading’s business requirements, SAP Business One offers a good match.
“As an importer and distributer of high-tech, serialised goods, Avnic Trading is an excellent fit with SAP Business One. The software is particularly strong in areas such as multi-currency, landed cost tracking, serialised inventory and warranty management,” says Marketos.
SAP Business One is easily customisable and Bluekey Software Solutions was able to build processes into the system to ensure that it could fully deliver on the business’s expectations. For instance, using the SAP Software Developers Kit, enhancements were done to simplify and speed up the receipting process and extra reports were created to deal with properly tracking sales by categories and sub-categories.
“These features coupled with the other management tools such as alerts and approvals have enabled Avnic Trading to handle increased volumes more efficiently and with simplified data capture,” says Marketos.
The solution was implemented in five months. This included training the 40 users who use the system on a daily basis.
Marketos says that the key to the project’s timeous completion and success is attributable to the teamwork between the Bluekey and Avnic Trading teams.
“A key ingredient for any successful implementation is the involvement of the customer. We had buy-in at every level throughout the project and everyone was committed to making it a success. Although we had a blueprint, the client remained open-minded to changes in scope in the course of the project,” recalls Marketos.
Botha concludes: “SAP Business One has supported Avnic Trading’s growth through process optimisation and streamlining. The system is an invaluable tool for managing stock, costs and cash flow.”