MIA Telecoms, the sole distributor of Samsung telecommunication and PABX equipment in sub-Saharan Africa, has introduced the latest addition to its OfficeServ 7000 series, the OfficeServ 7030 Compact, a converged communications platform.

Flexible in its configurations for a small system, the OfficeServ 7030 allows small businesses to take advantage of cutting-edge voice, data and wireless communications, such as VoIP, in a single low cost platform.
With a sophisticated features set including 20 easy to deploy, low cost IP extensions, analogue, ISDN and / or SIP trunks, WiFi for wireless voice and data communications, the OfficeServ 7030 Compact can be tailored to the individual needs of a small business or expanded as these needs change.
In addition, the voice mail element of the product is sophisticated yet priced for the smaller SME. It is supplied with e-mail integration, Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), Call Sequencing and up to 5 hours of recording time so no communication is ever missed.
“The addition of the OfficeServ 7030 Compact to our OfficeServ 7000 series is proof of Samsung’s commitment to offer cutting-edge communications solutions to businesses whatever their size,” says MIA Telecoms MD Bryan Driessel. “In the past, telephone systems for the smaller SME or SOHO market have not been able to facilitate IP calls or IP extensions, at least not cost effectively. The OfficeServ 7030 is truly leading the way by offering small business the features and functions that have only been available to their larger counterparts at a price within their budget.”
Other manufacturers achieve a lower unit cost by predetermining what configuration the customer wants. What makes the Samsung a different proposition is that the customer has the flexibility to configure the OfficeServ 7030 as required.
The OfficeServ 7030 protects a businesses’ investment in a Samsung solution as the common software, handsets and interconnectivity enables easy configuration for networking with larger systems in the OfficeServ 7000 series. The Samsung OfficeServ 7000 series provides a traditional or IP-based wired and wireless solution for voice and data communication. Businesses can deploy OfficeServ 7000 systems to build sophisticated telephony applications, secure data communications infrastructure and policy-driven networks.
Samsung IP extensions are easy to deploy and the IP handsets can be very simply pre-programmed and sent to the remote location and simply connected. The handset and system then take care of the rest.