Web Africa has started testing its anticipated ADSL network, starting with staff accounts and continuing with new batches of accounts to be activiated daily over the next two weeks.

The 8 000 signed-up participants can expect their username and login details for accessing their 10Gb of free bandwidth on a first-come first-serve basis during the next week.
“We have been working around the clock to finalise the network trial and would like to thank everyone who is assisting us in the fine-tuning of our network. The aim of the trial is to ensure a problem-free experience for our customers when we officially launch,” says Matthew Tagg, CEO of Web Africa.
“We would like to remind all the participants that this is not the final product. Service interruptions will occur, and this is not indicative of the performance of the final product. We would also like to ask that users do not run mission critical applications on the trial network, as we cannot be held responsible for any lost data.”
Existing customers will automatically be migrated to the new network during the transition phase once the trial is over.
The length of the account trial may be subject to change and the 10Gb cap for both local and international access is only valid during the trial period.