Xiotech Africa has announced VM Storage Solution Lite, which is designed specifically to simplify storage management in virtual environments.

The solution combines the time-saving and ease-of-use capabilities of Xiotech’s award-winning Virtual View management tool with its Emprise 7000 Edge storage area network (SAN) system to form one powerful, value-rich combination.
“We created the VM Storage Solution Lite for organisations which want a flexible and scalable storage architecture, easy management of virtualised storage and a lower price point without sacrificing functionality or value,” says Xiotech Africa country manager Derek Rule. “Because the solution can easily evolve into our larger VM Storage Solution, and it’s covered under our Cash for Disk Clunkers deal, it’s an ideal option for first-time SAN buyers or organisations wanting to scale up as their data centres grow.”
Virtual View, a finalist for a Best of VMworld Award in 2008, simplifies storage monitoring, provisioning, and management in VMware ESX environments by giving administrators a global, single-console view of all three storage layers (array, physical server, and virtual machine). Users can safely and rapidly provision and manage storage for their virtual environments with a few mouse clicks.
The VM Storage Solution Lite pairs Virtual View with the Emprise 7000 Edge storage system, which uses Xiotech’s patented Intelligent Storage Element (ISE) technology to minimise disk-related service events through a combination of preventive and self-healing capabilities.
The solution offers 100% usable storage capacity with no vendor holdbacks or drops in performance, and achieves the industry’s most efficient performance and scalability.
In addition, it enables users to halve their ongoing storage costs through its five-year warranty and lower overall management costs. The VM Storage Solution Lite supports up to 10 ISE (160 terabytes) and can be easily upgraded as needs evolve to the full VM Storage Solution, which supports up to 64 ISE (1 024 terabytes).