Business Connexion has become the first Certified XSSC (XIV Storage Solution Center) Partner for IBM XIV Storage Systems in Europe, Middle East & Africa region, making it the only such accredited IBM Partner in South Africa and the whole region, including Europe.

IBM awarded this accreditation on 16 September 2009 in recognition of the fact that Business Connexion is the only IBM partner in the region that has met its exacting requirements and deliver the skills needed to support this high-end technology.
The IBM XIV Storage System is a disk storage solution that incorporates advanced connection and processor management technologies in a virtualised grid architecture.
“We were awarded this accreditation because we have the skills and expertise to implement and maintain these high-end systems,” says Steven Kramer, GM for IBM PQV at Business Connexion.
Alison Say, IBM’s XIV EMEA channel strategy & programs manager, comments: “Not only were you the first and only fully accredited and compliant XIV partner in South Africa, but also the first XSSC approved partner in Europe, the Middle East and the rest of Africa. We look forward to continuing to drive and develop a strong and profitable XIV business with you and your teams.”