EMC  has received a ‘Strong Positive’ rating in Gartner’s new report, “MarketScope for Records Management" – the highest possible rating given.

EMC addresses this market with its EMC Documentum Records Management solution. The Records Management solution simplifies control of the entire lifecycle of corporate records – including creation, safeguard, access, and destruction – according to a broad range of system-enforced policies.
The solution includes key products such as EMC Documentum Retention Policy Services, EMC Documentum Records Manager, EMC Documentum Physical Records Services and EMC Documentum Federated Records Services. With these key components, companies can comply with the record-keeping requirements of both external regulations and internal policies, leverage uniform policies across all content formats, and take advantage of a pervasive solution built on a modular, service-oriented architecture providing flexibility without complexity.
In its report, Gartner defines a company with a strong positive rating as ‘a provider of strategic products, services or solutions’. For current customers, Gartner recommends continuing with planned investments. For potential customers, Gartner recommends they consider the vendor as a strong choice for strategic investments.
“As legal, regulatory and governance requirements for document retention become more stringent, it is now more important than ever for companies to have a solid strategy in place to comply in full with records-keeping and retention mandates,” said Gerhard van der Merwe, EMC’s Regional Country Manager: South Africa, South East & Central Africa. “We believe that Gartner’s strong positive rating further validates our strategy of helping customers worldwide flexibly manage their information throughout the entire corporate records lifecycle for good information governance and complete regulatory compliance.”
The Documentum Records Management solution allows organisations to control the lifecycle of corporate records according to system-enforced policies. Its modular architecture enables customers to deploy as little or as much functionality as is needed.  Documentum Retention Policy Services allows customers to deploy retention and disposition that is completely transparent to users. Customers can also deploy a more formal records system that meets full DoD 5015.2 certification with Documentum Records Manager.
Add-on modules include Documentum Physical Records Services and Documentum Federated Records Services. Physical Records Services extends the solution to manage paper, microfiche and other types of physical records in addition to electronic records. Federated Records Services extends retention management capabilities to additional repositories, including Documentum and other third-party systems, to provide a single system of record for business content, regardless of location or system.