Kaspersky Lab will act as title sponsor of the Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition.

The Kaspersky Lab Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition, which sets off in November 2009, involves eight women from the Commonwealth countries of Cyprus, Ghana, India, Singapore, Brunei, New Zealand, Jamaica and the UK.
They will ski more than 900 km from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole while exposed to temperatures as low as -40 °С. The representatives from Brunei, Cyprus, Ghana and Jamaica will be the first from their nations to ski to the South Pole, while those from India, New Zealand and Singapore will be the first women from their nations to do so.
As an international company, Kaspersky Lab is proud to sponsor an expedition that brings together women from eight Commonwealth nations and which, among other things, intends to attract public attention to the problems of the degrading Antarctic environment. Kaspersky Lab’s participation in this initiative demonstrates the company’s corporate responsibility and will hopefully increase public awareness of changes to the global climate.
Kaspersky Lab not only fully supports the rationale and aims of the expedition but also shares the philosophy of teamwork at the heart of the project: the Antarctic explorers will face the challenge of harsh weather conditions and will overcome all difficulties together in an international team. Kaspersky Lab’s success is also based on addressing security threats relying on global partnership. Over the last 12 years this philosophy has helped the company to become a leading global developer of information security software.
“We are thrilled to be working with Kaspersky Lab Asia,” expedition leader Felicity Aston from the UK says of the sponsorship deal. “Kaspersky Lab is an international group that recognises the importance of working across nations and cultures to tackle global issues – be that computer malware or the effects of climate change. Kaspersky Lab and the expedition share the same pioneering spirit so I am sure that we will make a great team.”
Harry Cheung, MD of Kaspersky Lab Asia Pacific, adds: “The Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition is an important awareness initiative and a remarkable team effort. Kaspersky Lab’s support for such projects is part of our corporate social responsibility policy.
“Our company shares the ideas and principles of international solidarity that have made this expedition possible. Just like the expedition team, we ignore stereotypes and prejudices in our work and recognise the reality of the modern world. We are honoured to sponsor the Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition.”