T-Systems in South Africa has set up a new point of presence (PoP) for its multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) network in the “meet me” room at Teraco Data Environments’ vendor-neutral data centre in Cape Town.

This will allow Teraco customers in Cape Town and surrounds to connect directly into T-Systems’ domestic and global MPLS networks, and get access to T-Systems’ managed network services.
T-Systems in South Africa is part of the T-Systems Group, the corporate customer arm of Deutsche Telekom. T-Systems’ global network consists of a highly redundant MPLS backbone (with fully redundant paths from South Africa to/from Europe and Asia), carrying in excess of 170 petabytes of IP traffic per month between more than 2 000 access points in over 50 countries.
The presence of multiple nodes of this network in South Africa, gives local companies cost-effective, high speed access to the global marketplace and better performance for their converged networks.
“Placing a T-Systems network node in a carrier-neutral environment is beneficial to us in that it allows us to provide our global services and access to local telecommunications companies and corporates,” explains Dr Andrew Hutchison, head of the telecommunication services division of T-Systems in South Africa.
“With the lack of such a neutral environment in South Africa until now, we have deployed network node equipment in our own data centres. This creates the requirement that interconnect access lines are required for other providers to obtain services.
"Having multiple providers in Teraco’s vendor neutral data centre environment gives us a permanent home for our equipment that is readily available to our customers. Teraco’s infrastructure is built to the highest international specifications, which ensures T-Systems can honour the uptime guarantees we make when it comes to service levels.”
Teraco is not an Internet service provider (ISP) and does not compete with network operators on bandwidth costs and speeds, but offers a data centre service that is vendor neutral, allowing companies to connect to any service provider and any carrier of their choice.
“The international trend for data centres is towards neutrality,” says Lex van Wyk, MD of Teraco. “Teraco’s vendor neutral model makes interconnection to a flexible choice of local and international carriers easier for South African companies."