A shortlist of nominees for the Africacom Awards to be held in Cape Town next month has been released. The awards celebrate achievements in telecommunications progress on the continent.

Entries cover a broad spectrum of networks, services and solutions, offering a cross-section of the African telecommunications industry.
The shortlist is as follows:
* New Entrant of the Year (Recognises an operator or service provider (mobile, wireless, ISP) launched in 2009, or end of 2008,who in a short time has achieved commercial success) – Dark Fibre Africa; Dynamic Cables; Etisalat Nigeria; Forget Me Not Africa; and MiFone.
* Best Network Improvement (Recognises a product offered by a telecommunications solutions vendor, or an initiative taken by an operator, which significantly improved a network, whether by increasing coverage or improving quality or cost-effectiveness) – Andrew; ECI Tel; Gateway; Microcom; and Motorola.
* Best New Service (Recognises a new service launched by a telecom solutions vendor or an operator/service provider (mobile, wireless, ISP) which offered significant new prospects for revenue increase and customer satisfaction) – Comviva; Etisalat Nigeria; MTN Uganda; Safaricom; and Tecnotree.
* Best Cost Efficiency Solution for Africa (Recognises an outstanding new product from a telecom solution vendor, or offering from an operator/service provider (mobile, wireless, ISP), which enables cost-reduction in telecoms services for Africa) – Altobridge; Helios Towers; Intec; PCCI; and Zain.
* Green Telecoms Award (Recognises an initiative or product which improves telecommunication services in Africa with an environmentally-friendly approach) – Better Energy Systems; Ericsson; MTN South Africa; VNL; and Win Afrique.
* Best Solution for Rural Services (Recognises an initiative taken by an operator or a telecommunications solutions vendor, which significantly improved access to telecommunications in a rural area) – Ericsson; MTN Uganda; Safaricom; VNL; and Vodacom Mozambique.
* Best Marketing Campaign (Recognises an effective marketing campaign, including new brand launch, advertising campaign, or innovative distribution strategy, launched by an operator in 2009) – Clickatell; Etisalat Nigeria; Safaricom (Jimbambie); Safaricom (Niko Na); and Vodacom Mozambique.
* Telecoms Innovation of the Year (Recognises a new service, strategy, consumer offering or other initiative launched in 2009 showing outstanding results thanks to an innovative approach) – Belgacom; Comviva; Etisalat Nigeria; MTN Uganda; and VNL.
* Best Pan African Initiative (Recognises an initiative taken by an organisation or a group of organisations to improve telecommunications services at a regional or continental level) – Afsat; Comviva; Gateway; and Seacom.
* Changing Lives Award (Recognises an initiative that significantly impacted telecommunications in the community and contributed to economic and social development) – Emtel Mauritius; Ericsson; Movirtu; MTN South Africa; and Tramingo.