BlackBerry Messenger is an instant messaging service designed for BlackBerry smartphone users, letting them instantly chat, send and receive pictures in real-time.

The new version, BlackBerry Messenger 2.5, includes some new features and enhancements:
* BlackBerry group functionality: Allows groups of friends, families and other personal contacts to stay connected and share experiences in real time. It has been tightly integrated into BlackBerry functionality so users can even add shortcut icons to their home screen to quickly access a group and get chatting. Pictures, lists and even calendar appointments can be shared across the group, and group administrators can also control membership and other group features.
* Bar code identity: This great new innovation means users can add/invite contacts to their BlackBerry Messenger list by scanning a two-dimensional bar code, captured with the BlackBerry smartphone’s camera.
* Avatars: Users can personalise the BlackBerry Messenger experience with individual avatars and profiles which will be automatically seen by all contacts.
* Large media file transfer: Files of up to 6Mb can be transferred easily through BlackBerry Messenger, giving the option to send higher resolution pictures and longer voice notes to contacts.
* Backup and storage: Advanced backup and storage options ensuring users never lose contacts as they are backed up on the BlackBerry server.
BlackBerry Messenger 2.5 is available globally and supports a large number of languages.