Human resource managers who continually juggle the demands of their organisation’s HR needs can now benefit from access to online labour law information, step-by-step procedural advice and templates for HR legal documents.

LexisNexis, one of the world’s leading providers of risk management information, has recently launched its labour relations management online website LexisNexis Labour Relations Management.
The portal is user friendly and is designed to give line managers and HR professionals all the information and resources necessary to handle a host of HR situations. The content is compiled by specialist labour consultants to ensure that users are 100% compliant with labour law.
According to LexisNexis labour solutions head, Sarah Power-Wilson, this practical and user-friendly online tool can help ease the burden on HR managers by ensuring that line managers follow the correct procedure for all critical HR issues.
“The web site gives users 24 hour access to information and step-by-step procedural advice on all aspects of labour relations,” says Power-Wilson.
These include disciplinary procedures, grievance procedures, personnel management, dealing with labour unions, negotiation and dispute management, retrenchment procedures, employment contracts, unfair labour practices, strikes and labour legislation. Examples of case law are provided as an added assistance.
LexisNexis Labour Relations Management also provides templates of all the legal and other relevant documents that are commonly needed for managing staff, including a variety of service contracts and information records required by law, and practical HR guidelines and checklists. Templates can be customised to include your own policies and disciplinary code and procedures.
“By empowering line managers to deal efficiently with day-to-day HR issues, your HR manager can focus on the strategic HR issues of the business,” adds Power-Wilson.
Furthermore, with valuable advice and clear procedure for handling specific incidents of misconduct, strikes and retrenchment, to name a few, this resource can help line and HR managers to resolve issues before they become disputes.
“In essence, LexisNexis Labour Relations Management provides all the guidelines for maintaining harmonious relations with employees. This can help businesses to avoid the stress and disruption of CCMA hearings.
“The South African labour law is relatively young. As a result, it is constantly evolving through Labour Court decisions and legislative amendments,” Power-Wilson adds.
“Most business owners or line managers are unable to keep up with these changes. Unfortunately, ignorance is not an excuse and often cases are lost at the CCMA or Labour Court as a result of simply not having this up to date knowledge, and thus not following correct procedure.”
To meet this need, the labour relations management website contains a continually updated vault of labour law sources, comprising the very latest labour legislation, case law summaries and procedures.
There are also summaries of cases from labour courts and arbitrations that show how actions by employers are interpreted in court.  This can help you make the right decision in instances of employee disputes, before they end up in court.
“Using LexisNexis Labour Relations Management, businesses can manage staff more effectively, confident that they are complying with the law.”
Customers in more than 100 countries are being served by 18 000 professional LexisNexis employees. In South Africa LexisNexis is a leading global provider of content-enabled workflow solutions designed specifically for professionals in the legal, risk management, corporate, government, law enforcement, accounting and academic markets.