Mustek is looking to restructure the organisation, hoping to achieve greater efficiency countrywide through a process of optimisation and simplification. This could lead to job losses.

In February, the company told investors that it anticipated a business optimisation process. Mustek's management has now conducted an assessment of the company’s current strategy, processes, systems and technology.
One of the findings of this assessment is that, strategically, the company’s business model has shifted from predominantly assembly to assembly and distribution, resulting in duplication of certain processes and procedures.
In addition, Mustek’s upgraded technology and telecommunication infrastructure has enabled the company to consolidate and optimise processes and procedures.
MD Hein Engelbrecht comments: “We have taken all of the above factors into consideration and we have identified that the organisation can be optimised and simplified in certain areas and departments across the company to achieve optimal national efficiencies."
As part of the process, management is considering the standardisation of job titles as well as the implementation of a job grading system which may affect the company’s organisational structure as well as result in a reduction of the company’s total staff complement, the company says in a statement.