IT support companies, including hardware vendors and resellers will now be able to earn annuity income from their customers’ calls, by reselling a new wholesale voice offering from MWeb Business.

Herman Jansen van Rensburg, head of product management & development at MWeb Business, says that the wholesale voice offering would enable hardware providers such as PABX vendors to extend their product offering, offer added-value to their customers, and earn additional revenue.
“MWeb Business’s new wholesale voice offering will enable other IT suppliers to get into the VoIP market using a reliable, interconnected network. Vendors will on-sell voice minutes to their clients, thereby making additional revenue from their clients’ calls.
“Vendors can combine their own PABX products with the wholesale voice offering, and build a new annuity revenue model for their business,” says Jansen van Rensburg.
MWeb has interconnections with all the cellular providers, telcos and other ISPs, which few voice operators are able to provide. In addition, the interconnections use the SS7 switch standard, which provides far higher voice quality than IP-based interconnects.  It is a very simple process for vendors to create their own SIP accounts and voice accounts with MWeb Business, and then offer their customers usage-based billing for voice calls using least-cost routing.
VBX Telecom, a vendor of open source VoIP PABX equipment, has been the first company to trial the MWeb wholesale offering, on-selling MWeb voice minutes to its customers.
Dave Miller, chief operating officer of VBX Telecom, comments: “This relationship combines a highly flexible open source VoIP PABX with an equally customisable VoIP provisioning product. The result is a solution based on customer needs that enables the reseller to generate annuity income, while still enabling the end user to save money on calls. Stability and uptime are critical to the customer experience and to date our customers have been very satisfied.”